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Jaw Bone Problems

Has anyone had any jaw bone problems with bisphosphonates? Apparently some bisphosphonates can cause jaw bone necrosis. I can't find any information on how this now recognised adverse event begins. Yes, info on necrosis but not early symptoms. I have had bisphosphonate treatment for about 5 years. I have breast cancer mets to the bones. I have a piece of exposed jaw bone in my mouth on the lower jaw/gum. I haven't had teeth there for many years. It started about a year ago with a swelling and tendeness and progressed to a small abcess. A week or two after a piece of bone appeared and has progressively got bigger in height, length and width, now occupying the space of 3 double teeth and half as high. I have a dragging sensation, faint, dull ache, the gum gets sore and the side of my face is slightly swollen. My dental surgeon has no idea, her colleagues had a look and have never seen anything like it. My oncologist asked me to have an OPG X ray and said there was no evidence of necrosis (nor cancer according to the bone scan) but isn't happy that it is there and to see the maxillo-facial surgeon end Jan 06. If anyone has any experience of this kind of problem please reply, thank you, Velvet

letrazole , Ibrance help!

After a good report of scans in March, I have now received my Sept. results. NOt good.....back bones, neck , liver. My Doctor will start me on a drip next month......not chemo. I am confused.Worrie d about all of it but liver is frightenng. As I was alone , I feel now I have all the question. No more injections of Faslodex . I feel great. nothing hurts. I am confused, questioning faith and my sister has lung cancer...never a smoker . I have become her caregiver as she goes to radiation each day. I am at a lost. I do not know if I can an handle all of this. She has a son two hours away He has put it all on me and never even calls me to thank me. I am really at a low and questioning my faith plus is it worth living, I think of dying everday. I pray to die. I just needed to tell my story We have no family. Any ideas appreciated. Any thoughts on treatment?

Arimidex - should I take it?

I am a newbie.  I have recently had a second mastectomy, the first being 17 years ago.  I had a breast reconstruction on the remaining breast in February this year.  The tissue that was removed contained a DCIS so I opted to have a mastectomy. The tissue from the mastectomy contained a 7mm cancer.  I have been recommended to have Arimidex for a max. of 10 years.  I took Tamoxifen 17 years ago and couldnt tolerate it after 2 years.  I have read about the side effects of Arimidex and feel like it is all going to happen again.  I already suffer long term affects from Tamoxifen and Arimidex seems marginally less destructive but some of the comments I have read on this site make me seriously question whether I want to put myself through this again.  Is there anyone out there who declined hormone blocking treatment and is still going strong?

What to expect after completing both chemo and radiation?

I completed 20 rounds of chemo and 33 rounds of radiation in August 2017.  Now I'm at the ER every week.  No engery at all, pain all over body except fingers and toes due to neuropathy.  Sweats then chills and no appitite.  Don't know whats going on.  Can someone help???

Lumpectomy v. Mastectomy

I am newly diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer in my right breast, 1.1cm tumor or lesion or whatever you call it. My doctor has given me the option of mastectomy (single or double with reconstruction) or lumpectomy with 3 weeks radiation (Canadian protocol) and 5 years of Arimidex. I decided to go with the lumpectomy, but now I reading horrible things about the medication and the radiation. I am booked for an October 4th surgery. I am wondering if I have made a mistake. The doctor clearly was encouraging the lumpectomy, but did say it was my choice and not to worry--insurance would pay for it and my quality of life and prognosis numbers would be virtually identical. I am confused.

Anyone out there?

Hi there!! I am 23 and turn 24 next month. I have a strong family history of breast/ovarian cancer. I'm currently waiting on genetic testing to see if I carry any mutations. Anyhow... I had an MRI done 7 months ago that showed, "A 4x3 mm progressively enhancing nodule 6 cm deep to the nipples at 9' o clock position of the left breast. Breast lesion appears benign, especially for this age group." "Non pathologically enhanced axillary lymph nodes seen bilaterally."So my doctor said that I was fine and no biopsy was needed. I wasn't a little worried considering the strong family's history, but I just brushed it off and went on my way. Well, two weeks ago I had gotten out of the shower and was doing my hair. My husband immediately says that there is something weird looking about my breast. The lower half of my left breast is flat. Instead of doing a U shape like my right breast, is does a _ right under the nipple. Plus it looks like someone grabbed my nipple and turned it where the bump is turned and not straight like my right nipple. So I went to the Women's Health Clinic to get seen. The doctor was amazing and did a visual and manual breast exam. She said that if I didn't point it out she might have missed it, but she could totally see what I was talking about. During the manual exam she said that she felt a marked difference between the left and right. She said she felt a "pulling of tissue" in my left breast. She explained that something was causing my tissue to pull. So she put in a referral for me to see a surgeon and ordered a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. The radiology department told me that they wanted to go straight to the ultrasound. Now I'm waiting for them to call and schedule me because they have to work with the radiologists because they want to be in the room to read it while its being done. So I guess I have a few questions. 1) what benign conditions cause the breast to pull in or indent like that so fast? 2) could the small mass they called benign actually be cancer? Anyone have this happen? 3) did anyone only have a pulling in or indent as their only symptom? I am just anxiously waiting the phone call. They said they will have me scheduled and seen within less than a week. Thank you!!

blood test to detect cancer

Does anyone know of an at-home test to detect blood cancer or detect a recurrence? I have heard there were some under development like the Cologuard but have only seen this one so far https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/agkura-blood-test-to-moni Would like to know if anyone has heard or tried anything? I am TNBC survivor 7 years.

The waiting game

I am 40 years old and on my 2nd mammogram in my life they found something and said I needed to come back for another mammogram. The lady taking the pics would not say what she thought it may be. A week later received a phone call that the mammogram had shown that I need to go see a surgeon for a second option. When I went to see the surgeon is when I found out I have a small cluster of very small microcalcifications . He said they are almost always begnign, but a small percentage it was the early stages of breast cancer and he recommended me having a biopsy immmediatley. So he never leaned one way or another on if he thought it was cancerous or not. Had the biopsy yesterday and now have to wait til next Thursday to find out the results.. anyone have any ideas if I should be worried?

Opinions please

Some presistant skin thickening of left breast.poster ior portion of left breast at the level of nipple noted irregular density density is 31mm greast width.biopsy clip in thiscregion (have fat necrosis at that clip) at that region appears to be amorphous calcifications US report at 6 o'clock position within the retroareloa areas some dilated ducts with some branching largest measuribg 5mm width.at 4 o'clock position focol shawdowing at the kevel of skin or just beneath skin suggesting postoperative there does not appear to be any distinct solid masses or cysts follow up mri

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Breast cancer never hurts, should a lump hurt?

My left breast has hurt for months, I think it shingles and keep breaking out because I have red spots all over. But it hurts so much my doctor ordered up ultrasound? The weird thing is when you squeeze the bump it really really hurt just about sent me through the roof. Any thoughts I'm just confused.


I just started Arimidex. Anxiously reading all the post about the drug.

Inflamatory breast cancer or not

Hi.im really new to all this forum stuff,but I didn't know who to ask without feeling like a hypochondriac. Basically part of my left breast is redish/purple colour and has been for approx 8 months. I noticed it first after a shower,I though at first it was just the hot water but the other breast wasn't affected, I did mention it to a female doctor who said without even looking that breast cancer isn't like a rash. Anyway as the months went on the rash/discolouration was still there and had spead a little. In the last few months I noticed a small indentation under my breast,I went to a student doctor who did see the discolouration immediately but couldn't see the indentation,but he did refer me to the symptomatic breast clinic for tests, as it happens he forgot to sent the letter so 2 months on I hadn't heard from the clinic so I went back to doctor, he gave me the letter to post ,by the following day I had a call from the clinic calling me for tests, I went last Friday, the doctor seen the redness and said she seen the indentation and sent me straight for mammogram and ultra sound, the mammo was clear and the ultasound showed the redness ,the doctors pointed out the redness on the ultrasound and said it was more likely a skin problem rather than a breast problem.he explained that it was foggy where the rash was. He said there were no lumps but he didn't actually go over the area where the indentation was, I only noticed that when I looked in the mirror to see where the doc had circled with her pen . I went back to the main doctor filling the test and she told me there was nothing on the mammo or the ultrasound that worried them but they would bring me back in 4 weeks to recheck in case they missed something. I left feeling relieved but not thinking about it I'm worried, if the redness appears on the ultrasound would that not be a cause for concern? But I also keep telling myself that it can't be anything because it's been there so long and ibs spreads really fast . I'm confused ,worried and keep doubting myself,any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Ps I'm 43,no cancer history, I have hyperthyroidism and graves. Mother of 6 , youngest 8.

I am frusturated

I went to the Dr. today. I think I have shingles...my breast is very sore. He found a lump, it HURTS! So he sent me for a ultra sound! Breast cancer doesn't hurt.....right?

Rib pain months after radiation stops

Hi, I had a lumpectomy last Jan followed by 6.5 weeks of radiation.  I am now taking Femara with the usually side effects but about 8 weeks ago I started experiencing pain under my left breast in the rib area (same side as the bc).  As a precaution my doctor sent me for a bone scan which is negative but still no diag for this pain.  Anyone out there with a similar situation?  Thanks

Recurrence 18 years later

I was DX in Dec. 1999 with invasive ductal no lymph nodes involved.  Had a lumpectomy, CMF, 32 radiation treatments, 5 years on tamoxifen, and 3 years on Aromasin.  I am 4 months from being 18 years out.  My cancer was never found on a mammo, or ultrasound.  I just knew something wasn't right no lumps either.  Finally got a surgeon to do a biopsy. Anyway long story short.  Monday went for my yearly checkup.  Mammo being done no problem so I wait for the radiologist to read to see do we need more views routine stuff.  However, this time she came back and said they needed more views.  Okay anxiety now.  Took views then off to see what radiologist says.  Another 15 min. later came back said sorry we are trying to get a room to do an ultrasound.  Now major anxiety!!  They all know me so they were explaining everything they were doing showing me what they were looking at etc.  Then they say we need to do a needle core with Ultrasound guidance.  Well that was the next day on Tuesday.  Said it would be 2 to 3 days.  My surgeon then said she would call me as soon as she got something and she did in less than 24 hours she called said I haven't got all markers in yet but it is invasive ductal again. Biopsy showed markers today all the same as before ER/PR+ Her2-,  she is now requesting a FISH test on the Her2 to make sure it is a correct reading.  So still waiting for that. I know a Mastectomy is first as I can't have radiation.  Now she is waiting for the Her2 so she can be sure of which chemo this time.  We will have a port placed for chemo as my veins will not be able to handle the chemo again.  She has already said chemo every 3 weeks for a year.  This new cancer is 6cm from the other.  My surgeon and her nurse are also BC survivors with bi-lateral mastectomies.  We all have great communication with each other.  Talking about reconstruction but not really sure I want that I'll soon be 62.  Has anyone on here ever have a recurrence so many years later after having done chemo, radiation and 8 yrs on anti cancer drugs and have it come back in the same place.

Permanent Bone loss/damage/pain

Hi All, I'd like to reach out to all those people that have taken estrogen blocking medications, and have long term lasting/permanent changes/damage/PAIN , from the side effects with pain and bone loss, etc.  I have to be honest, I'm terrified that my new pain levels and joint issues may be permanent. And from what I've read, a lot of women have had permanent damage done with these medications. Some were on for long term, 5 - 10 years. Some only on the meds for under 1 year.  I admit, I have a lot of pre-existing joint issues and pain/stiffness/inflammation, but all of that wasexacerbated significantly with the estrogen blocking medications. In ashortamount of time, and doesn't seem to be lessening with time. And again, to be honest, I'm scared this is "my new normal" for pain and inflammation. Please, I would appreciate, any thoughts, comments, examples of similar issues.  Thanks J

Exemestane (Aromasin)

Hello. My name is Stella and I was on Arimidex for 3 years and was just changed to Exemestane 2 weeks ago. Does anyone have any information regarding side effects on this patictular one? Would appreciate knowing what to expect on this one. Thank you all!

Bra suggestions following lumpectomy

I am trying to get prepared for lumpectomy and radiation.  I currently wear a back closing underwire bra.  I dont' think that will be comfortable following the lumpectomy.  Does anyone have suggestions of a specific bra that worked well following lumpectomy?  Any other suggestions for things I will need during recovering and an idea on how long it takes to recover?  Trying to get an idea of how many days I can anticipate to take off work.  I'm sure alot of this depends on the extensiveness of the surgery and the individual.  But I would appreciate any suggestions. 

Side Effects of Arimidex After Almost 2 Years

I'm new to this site but maybe this will be of interest to someone. I have been on Arimidex for almost 2 years now, having had a mastectomy in November 2003. Firstly I had hardly any side effects and slowly but surely they seem to be building up, some days far worse than the next. I have never had nausea though, thank goodness. The main side effects which I am experiencing now are aching bones and joints, mainly while trying to sleep at night. Also tiredness and seem to want to just go to bed to rest from as early as 8 in the evening - this is sad as I always went to bed late before my breast cancer. I also contemplated coming off the drug but decided that as the cancer hasn't come back at all in almost 2 years then perhaps I am doing the right thing in taking it every day.

Cancer smell

My partner (64) is a breast cancer survivor. She had a lumpectomy, radiations and chemo over ten years ago and her annual mammograms have all been negative(she had one two weeks ago).To make a long story short, while we were intimate recently I smelled cancer near her left breast ( my mom had breast cancer, and I will never forget the smell) She is going to get and ultrasound, probably within the month, but other than that is not taking me seriously. I am very upset about this. Am I over-reacting? I care deeply for my partner and don't want to lose her. Does anyone have any input?

Wondering wether this might be inflammatory breast cancer

?Hi, I've been having these spots turn up for the last year and a half or more. They're the size of a bug bite, but definitely aren't bug bites. They're bright pink to red, a little larger than a pencil eraser. They appear not just over my breasts but also appear in my arm pits and the under skin of my upper arms. While they can appear over the same area on both sides of my body, they predominantly show up on my left side. Also, my breasts or arm pitswill itch like mad for no good reason, out of the blue. Sometimes the itching is localized to a larger bright pink/red "hot spot"--about 4" in diameter, usually on the upper part of my breasts, the spots are inflamed, itchy, bright and hot. They're definitely not hives. The only other thing I have going on locally is that I've recently lost 1/4 of my lung capacity in the last year. I've also been increasingly tired during the day. Overall, systemically, I have about 7+ moderate to mostly severe autoimmune conditions. Raynaud's showed up first when I was still a toddler. Next came RA which showed up around age 8. Endometriosis turned up at age 11 and was stage 4 pre-cancerous by 19, had a hysterectomy for that at 22. The RA flared up in a major way in my 30's, barring me from much work. Next came Lichen Planus, severe, erosive and persistent every day to this day. Next came severe photosensitive central nervous system Lupus. No cure for that one either. Now I have to live inside in dark rooms while wearing light protective clothes all the time, indoors and outside. This one officially put me out of work and on disability. Next came Hashimoto's disease, for which I lost my thyroid. Then came Sjogren's. My tear ducts were cauterized for that, still my eyes are to the point where I have corneal damage and Latice-form retinopathy. Sjogren's also took all of my teeth 3 years ago. Severe migraines came on about 3 years ago, so I get shots in my head, face and neck every couple months for those. I'm in my early 40's. I'm wondering whether I might have Inflammatory Breast Cancer and, if so, who might my options be to have someone diagnose it. Thanks so much for replies!

Has Anyone Been on Aromasin and Are They Getting Side Effects?

Hi everyone I have been taking Arimidex for about 2 years and have been getting such bad side effects of joint and bone pains that the oncologist has taken me off it and is putting me on Aromasin. He said that they are all aromatase inhibitors therefore I could get side effects from this medication also. I just wondered if there was anyone out there who has been on Aromasin for a while and if they are experiencing side effects from it. I have to try something as the pains were worsening by the day and I was feeling that I was aging far too quickly! I do hope that there is someone out there that can help me on this one. Regards Ros.

Northwest Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference - Sept 22nd & 23rd

Registration is open for the Northwest Mestastatic BC conference September 22 and 23 in Seattle! Join us for the 2nd AnnualNorthwest Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference: Living Well. Living Longer- get the most current information on treatments, research trials, patient support and national issues for metastatic/stage IV breast cancer (MBC).  Two specific breakout sessions with cutting age information about lobular breast cancer! September 22-23, 2017 | Seattle, Washington Amazon Meeting Center – 2031 7th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121 Lobular breast disease is strongly featured on the agenda for two hour long breakout sessions on Saturday the 23rd. Dr. Steffi Oesterreich, lobluar researcher who chaired the First International Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer Symposium hosted by the University of Pittsburg, is coming to present and we will have a Seattle medical oncologist Dr. Hannah Linden with experience treating lobular mets presenting as well. Saturday programming is intended for people with metastatic disease and their caregivers. If you are interested in attending and do not have metastatic disease contact us and we'll see what we can do.  http://komenpugetsound.org/nwmbcc/ " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://komenpugetsound.org/nwmbcc/ Friday, September 22nd We’ll focus on “breast cancer rehab” with sessions on integrative care, inflammation and disease and nutrition as medicine.  Saturday, September 23rd We’ll cover the latest news in metastatic/stage IV breast cancer and bring leading researchers and doctors in our area together with national experts to learn about treatment advances, clinical trials and national advocacy issues for MBC. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsorsattendance is free/registration required. For more information and to register:     http://komenpugetsound.org/nwmbcc/ " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://komenpugetsound.org/nwmbcc/ Travel scholarships are available, first-come, first-serve. To be eligible you must live outside a 75-mile radius of the venue. Email nwmetsconf@pskomen.org to learn more. The Northwest Metastatic Breast Cancer Conference is supported by Susan G. Komen Puget Sound in partnership with Amazon Web Services, Swedish Cancer Institute, Eisai, Pfizer Oncology, Cascadian Therapeutics and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Lobular cancer

I have lobular breast cancer and was wondering if there are any new treatments for this cancer type


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