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All Over Pain

I am now a 5 year survivor of inflammatory breast cancer 3rd stage, I had a double mastectomy to aid in my chances of survivoral along with two phases of chemotherapy, which one of the side effects was neuropathy in both hands and feet for about four months, then that subsided, and the I had nine weeks if radiation then three month latter reconstruction, all seemed well them I developed lymphedema in my right arm, which is a daily thing to deal with, but my bigest concern is that for the past year I experiance daily pain through out my whole body and if I do anything outside of my normal day i am in bed the next day with the pain so bad, I just when though a CT scan in January which came back clear of any cancer, But Doctors not sure why I have the pain that I do. Also a form of the neuropathy has returns in both hands. Does any one out there know of or anyone who has this type of problem. Carolin

Decided not to take Arimidex & Oncologist not happy

After my lumpectomy in May, 2017 and 2 re-exision surgeries, plust 21 radiation treatments, I decided that since my margins were clear, and no lymph nodes were positive, Stage 1 grade 2, er pos, pr pos, and her2neg, that I really don't want to risk the horrible side effects of putting anymore drugs into my body.  I had an unpleasant with the oncologist who prescribed it to me.  He thought I was not being fair by not taking it. I am so confused.  Can anyone share their experiences with the Arimidex?  I would truly appreciate any advice.

2 years after chemo, my hair has not grown back

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2006, I began chemo (doxorubican, 5FU and taxotere) in March 2006 and had my last treatment in July 2006.  I only have a few sparse hairs on my head and my hair has not regrown.  I don't understand this since I had very very thick curly hair.  I have used Nioxin and am now using Rogaine in an attempt to get hair.  My body hair, eyebrows and eyelashes only have sparse hair also.  Do you have any suggestions or help?I miss my hair. Please help.


Pt scan shows  tahat there is physdg uptake in GI & Gu. Had lymphoma 5 years ago in lung. Endo showed ulcer and biopsie shows retuen in stomach.

Side Effects of Arimidex After Almost 2 Years

I'm new to this site but maybe this will be of interest to someone. I have been on Arimidex for almost 2 years now, having had a mastectomy in November 2003. Firstly I had hardly any side effects and slowly but surely they seem to be building up, some days far worse than the next. I have never had nausea though, thank goodness. The main side effects which I am experiencing now are aching bones and joints, mainly while trying to sleep at night. Also tiredness and seem to want to just go to bed to rest from as early as 8 in the evening - this is sad as I always went to bed late before my breast cancer. I also contemplated coming off the drug but decided that as the cancer hasn't come back at all in almost 2 years then perhaps I am doing the right thing in taking it every day.

Arimidex - should I take it?

I am a newbie.  I have recently had a second mastectomy, the first being 17 years ago.  I had a breast reconstruction on the remaining breast in February this year.  The tissue that was removed contained a DCIS so I opted to have a mastectomy. The tissue from the mastectomy contained a 7mm cancer.  I have been recommended to have Arimidex for a max. of 10 years.  I took Tamoxifen 17 years ago and couldnt tolerate it after 2 years.  I have read about the side effects of Arimidex and feel like it is all going to happen again.  I already suffer long term affects from Tamoxifen and Arimidex seems marginally less destructive but some of the comments I have read on this site make me seriously question whether I want to put myself through this again.  Is there anyone out there who declined hormone blocking treatment and is still going strong?

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Order Roxy Oxy Adderalls Xanax percocet etc text us at 323 332 0756 if in need

Invasive Metaplastic Carcinoma breast cancer

hello, my sister has been diagnosed a month and half ago with metaplastic breast cancer triple negative, the tumor size was around 9.8cm, after couple of tests such as CT scan, Bone scan, PET CT scan, they found out that cancer has not been spreaded to other parts of the body, the size of the breast is becoming now the tripple, the skin color and the nipple are becoming red, purple. they have started 1st session of chemotherapy, they are giving her taxol 120ml for 12 weeks, in order to shrink the tumor and then do the surgery of removing the whole breast, doctors are saying about this tumor that is might not respond to this chemotherapy and surgery cant be done at this stage as the breast is enlarged and they cant take out a cleam margin. if anyone has any experience of such kind of cancer please let me know.   thank you

Nerve Pain in shoulder running down arm

My wife completed 33 radiation treatments and 5 "shrinking" treatments and three weeks later developed terrible nerve pain in her shoulder radiating down her arm into her fingers. The Oncology Doctor said it was from holding her arm over her head during the treatments but after a visit to the ER, the Doctor told us it appears that the nerve running thru her shoulder was burned by the radiation and is causing her pain. He prescribed Neurontin and Percocet but they don't seem to be helping. She's sleeping less than 4 hours a night and in constant pain. I feel terrible for her but I hope there's someone else here that has gone thru this and can help. The cancer was removed along with eleven Nymph Nodes. Thank you for your time. Robert

back pain during and after chemo

I had back pain on one side and across my mid to lower back starting about half way through chemo, due, according to the doctors, to the pain that the combination of Taxol and Neulasta shots cause. It continues, in an abated, come and go way, ever since. I have done acupuncture and massage, but it still hangs on. Stretching and advil help. Drs say it is muscle pain, not a sign of cancer. Has anyone else had this lingering pain? I finished chemo in April.

My Wife left me after Breast Cancer

Well I am new to this discussion forum.  Most people I know are sick of listeneing to me about my life's turn of events.  My wife and I had been together since we were extremely young.  We had been together for twelve years married for five and in love.  She was twenty eight years old when she was diagnosed with Stage one Breast Cancer.  She had a lumpectamy chemo/radiation.  It wasn't easy for either of us.  After everything I noticed a change in her personality, then one day I came home from work after an argument to find that he had left me.  She will not see me or speak to me just random texts bringing up past arguments or mistakes I had made years ago.  She says her eyes were opened from her experience and she is no longer in love with me.  She refuses couceling and demands that I take the action of filing for a dissolution.  I really don't know what to say... Anybody out there that can help a guy get his head around this...   Sincerely Mr. Confused

blood test to detect cancer

Does anyone know of an at-home test to detect blood cancer or detect a recurrence? I have heard there were some under development like the Cologuard but have only seen this one so far https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/agkura-blood-test-to-moni Would like to know if anyone has heard or tried anything? I am TNBC survivor 7 years.

Living in Fear . Here is my Plan when My Cancer Recurs

Background: 6 years ago, at age 40, I went for my first ever mammogram to learn that I have Breast Cancer . I quickly had a lumpectomy followed by 7 weeks of radiation (did not have time to think or feel really, was all rushed!). I’ve had a lot of reactions from the radiation as the years have gone by. Too many to list. But I just deal with them as they come.   I am luckily in remission now, but frequently wonder what would happen if my breast cancer was to come back- what would I do?   So, what is My Plan when it Recurs?  I have done a lot of research and have found out a lot of information I wish I had known 6 years ago. In short, I would take a more personalized approach to my cancer, and here is here is my plan: First, since tissue is required to personalize a treatment, I would store my tumor tissue. No one knows that once you have your tumor taken out, it is not preserved in a manner to keep the cells alive.  For that, I would call www.storemytumor.com  Second, I would do a genetic test to narrow down the list of drugs that may work on my tumor, and in parallel do a sensitivity assay that tests which drug, experimental drug or combination works best on my tumor.  The results from these tests will help my oncologists pick the right drug or combination that we know has a higher chance of working on my tumor.For Genetic Testing, see OncoDNA, FoundationOne, Caris and the likes… for Chemo Sensitivity, see Therapy Select, Rational Therapeutics, Mitra Biotech and the likes… Third, I would seek immunotherapy. There are different kinds, but from what I read, cellular treatment option (vaccines and T-Cell treatments) have promising results and little side effects.  They are experimental, but available in different countries.   The idea behind them is to use elements in my tumor to activate my immune system to fight my cancer. Immunotherapy minimizes the chance of relapse. ** apparently this is one of the best tools to stay in remission longer, and to get rid of “residual cancer cells in the body that are always the cause of recurrence” **For immunotherapy, see Unifontis, IOZK, Ventus, and the likes…In this day and age there is no reason to settle for standard of care when there are better or supplementary options out there. I want to find all these options and be ready!   Ladies, what else is out there? What else should I research?   96 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE <w:LsdException Locked="false"

The waiting game

I am 40 years old and on my 2nd mammogram in my life they found something and said I needed to come back for another mammogram. The lady taking the pics would not say what she thought it may be. A week later received a phone call that the mammogram had shown that I need to go see a surgeon for a second option. When I went to see the surgeon is when I found out I have a small cluster of very small microcalcifications . He said they are almost always begnign, but a small percentage it was the early stages of breast cancer and he recommended me having a biopsy immmediatley. So he never leaned one way or another on if he thought it was cancerous or not. Had the biopsy yesterday and now have to wait til next Thursday to find out the results.. anyone have any ideas if I should be worried?

53 had red spot and lump show up over night

I noticed a red spot about the size of a thumb on right breast along with a lump under the spot.  2 days later noticed slight dimpling.  Saw my dr, she did ultra sound in her office.  Could see the lump on ultra sound.  She said she did not like the look of it and has scheduled a mamogram, ultra sound with core bisopy.  Sent me right away, but the center did not accept my insurance.  Now scheduled for this Thursday.  Has anyone else had these symptoms and what were the results?  

Long-term side effects of Arimidex

Something that no one has posted, that I've seen, are the long-term side effects of Arimidex. After 10 months on the drug, the side effects became too hard for me to handle BUT 2 or 3 months after I stopped I developed pedal edema, something I have never had.  My primary put me on Lasix to get rid of the water (swelling); it took 2 weeks before my feet and weight got back to normal. Then it would come back again and again. When I saw the oncologist, I asked her but she just shrugged it off and I don't know if it's because she didn't know (which I doubt) or was surprised I could connect the dots. Anyway, I happened to ask another doctor in passing about Arimidex and pedal edema so he looked it up on his PDA and guess what? Pedal edema is a long-term side effect of Arimidex! I don't believe for a New York minute that I am the only one who has connected the dots or experiencing this; anybody else?

Scared!! Need inspiration

  Found a lump and dimple last week in my right breast. I’m 32 with no family history and no risk factors other than being a bit overweight. Gyn sent me for mammo and US yesterday and things did not go well. Had My Mammo then U/S and afterwards the Radiologist came in and her exact words were “ I don’t like what I see” She sees a solid mass with 1 lymph node involved. The borders seem irregular. She wants a biopsy. I will have that tomorrow at 10 am and will know the results on Monday. I did ask the bi-rad score and it was a 5. So I know from reading that means it’s 95% mailgnant. I didn’t get a copy of the report but asked my gyn when called today how big it was and she said 2.7 X 1.3 X 2.1 CM--- That seems huge to me. I am scared to death. I’m only 32 with 2 small kids…. SO SO scared  

Breast Cancer stage 4 survivors

Id love to know what your doing. I am estrogen positive the rest negetive. Thank you

Cancer smell

My partner (64) is a breast cancer survivor. She had a lumpectomy, radiations and chemo over ten years ago and her annual mammograms have all been negative(she had one two weeks ago).To make a long story short, while we were intimate recently I smelled cancer near her left breast ( my mom had breast cancer, and I will never forget the smell) She is going to get and ultrasound, probably within the month, but other than that is not taking me seriously. I am very upset about this. Am I over-reacting? I care deeply for my partner and don't want to lose her. Does anyone have any input?

Lumpectomy v. Mastectomy

I am newly diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer in my right breast, 1.1cm tumor or lesion or whatever you call it. My doctor has given me the option of mastectomy (single or double with reconstruction) or lumpectomy with 3 weeks radiation (Canadian protocol) and 5 years of Arimidex. I decided to go with the lumpectomy, but now I reading horrible things about the medication and the radiation. I am booked for an October 4th surgery. I am wondering if I have made a mistake. The doctor clearly was encouraging the lumpectomy, but did say it was my choice and not to worry--insurance would pay for it and my quality of life and prognosis numbers would be virtually identical. I am confused.

letrazole , Ibrance help!

After a good report of scans in March, I have now received my Sept. results. NOt good.....back bones, neck , liver. My Doctor will start me on a drip next month......not chemo. I am confused.Worrie d about all of it but liver is frightenng. As I was alone , I feel now I have all the question. No more injections of Faslodex . I feel great. nothing hurts. I am confused, questioning faith and my sister has lung cancer...never a smoker . I have become her caregiver as she goes to radiation each day. I am at a lost. I do not know if I can an handle all of this. She has a son two hours away He has put it all on me and never even calls me to thank me. I am really at a low and questioning my faith plus is it worth living, I think of dying everday. I pray to die. I just needed to tell my story We have no family. Any ideas appreciated. Any thoughts on treatment?

mild FDG avidity on pet scan

Has anyone heard of this and what it means?

Jaw Bone Problems

Has anyone had any jaw bone problems with bisphosphonates? Apparently some bisphosphonates can cause jaw bone necrosis. I can't find any information on how this now recognised adverse event begins. Yes, info on necrosis but not early symptoms. I have had bisphosphonate treatment for about 5 years. I have breast cancer mets to the bones. I have a piece of exposed jaw bone in my mouth on the lower jaw/gum. I haven't had teeth there for many years. It started about a year ago with a swelling and tendeness and progressed to a small abcess. A week or two after a piece of bone appeared and has progressively got bigger in height, length and width, now occupying the space of 3 double teeth and half as high. I have a dragging sensation, faint, dull ache, the gum gets sore and the side of my face is slightly swollen. My dental surgeon has no idea, her colleagues had a look and have never seen anything like it. My oncologist asked me to have an OPG X ray and said there was no evidence of necrosis (nor cancer according to the bone scan) but isn't happy that it is there and to see the maxillo-facial surgeon end Jan 06. If anyone has any experience of this kind of problem please reply, thank you, Velvet

What to expect after completing both chemo and radiation?

I completed 20 rounds of chemo and 33 rounds of radiation in August 2017.  Now I'm at the ER every week.  No engery at all, pain all over body except fingers and toes due to neuropathy.  Sweats then chills and no appitite.  Don't know whats going on.  Can someone help???

Anyone out there?

Hi there!! I am 23 and turn 24 next month. I have a strong family history of breast/ovarian cancer. I'm currently waiting on genetic testing to see if I carry any mutations. Anyhow... I had an MRI done 7 months ago that showed, "A 4x3 mm progressively enhancing nodule 6 cm deep to the nipples at 9' o clock position of the left breast. Breast lesion appears benign, especially for this age group." "Non pathologically enhanced axillary lymph nodes seen bilaterally."So my doctor said that I was fine and no biopsy was needed. I wasn't a little worried considering the strong family's history, but I just brushed it off and went on my way. Well, two weeks ago I had gotten out of the shower and was doing my hair. My husband immediately says that there is something weird looking about my breast. The lower half of my left breast is flat. Instead of doing a U shape like my right breast, is does a _ right under the nipple. Plus it looks like someone grabbed my nipple and turned it where the bump is turned and not straight like my right nipple. So I went to the Women's Health Clinic to get seen. The doctor was amazing and did a visual and manual breast exam. She said that if I didn't point it out she might have missed it, but she could totally see what I was talking about. During the manual exam she said that she felt a marked difference between the left and right. She said she felt a "pulling of tissue" in my left breast. She explained that something was causing my tissue to pull. So she put in a referral for me to see a surgeon and ordered a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound. The radiology department told me that they wanted to go straight to the ultrasound. Now I'm waiting for them to call and schedule me because they have to work with the radiologists because they want to be in the room to read it while its being done. So I guess I have a few questions. 1) what benign conditions cause the breast to pull in or indent like that so fast? 2) could the small mass they called benign actually be cancer? Anyone have this happen? 3) did anyone only have a pulling in or indent as their only symptom? I am just anxiously waiting the phone call. They said they will have me scheduled and seen within less than a week. Thank you!!


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